2017 Lifestyle Design Retreat

You are your only limit – A Retreat to Re-imagine your Life  

April 17th-21st, 2017 – Tulum, Mexico

This retreat experience will allow you to get in touch with and provide practical ways of achieving the life you want most. In a highly interactive, experiential, supportive and fun setting you will remove the obstacles to having the life you want most. This retreat is great for anyone looking to make a change or breakthrough in their career, personal life, where they live, or all of the above. 

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This retreat will focus on:

  • Creating your future vision
  • Clarifying your deepest values
  • Identifying and releasing self-limiting beliefs
  • Creating a lifestyle design plan (or a plan for two if you have a partner)
  • Traditional Mayan Temezcal ceremony to release what is holding you back from real change.
  • Yoga, meditation, hiking, and swimming.