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Living Your Best Life

Much ado has been made about the challenges of keeping New Year’s resolutions. The sad fact is that most resolutions end up as end of year disappointments. Many don’t even make it to the end of January (this NYTimes article helps explain why)

But really, behind every New Year’s resolution is a deeper question people are asking: How can I live my best life?

So, instead of making resolutions that are doomed to fail, I have decided to dedicate this year to exploring how to live my best life day-in-day-out in the areas that most impact my sense of fulfillment and accomplishment. Over the next twelve months I will be sharing what I hope are thought provoking and useful perspectives, gleaned from my work as a performance coach with high performing leaders. I’ll explore leadership and productivity at work, personal health and wellness, parenting and relationships, and society/where the world is heading.

I hope you enjoy and benefit from these posts. For me, I hope to look back on 2018 knowing it was my best year yet.

Happy reading!

Living Your Best Life is a new blog series aiming to answer the question, How can I live my best life? This twelve-month series explores this question through the topics of productivity, leadership, motivation, psychology, family, wellness, and society.

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