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Since 2015, I have coached clients from across industries -- turning high-performing go-getters to startup founders, taking emerging leaders to confident CEOs, and empowering athletes to meet their mental, professional, and physical goals. My experience as a founder and psychotherapist enable me to help people navigate the psychological and emotional challenges that inevitably come with striving for peak performance.

I also specialize in the optimization of time and energy management, productivity, and communication. Clients can expect to clarify their vision and values, gain greater enjoyment and fulfillment from their work, and improve professional and organizational results.

I am based in the Bay area and work with clients locally and virtually around the country. Coaching engagements are customized for every client, crafted to reflect the needs of the leader and the organization. Some of my most popular services are listed below:



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  • Executive Coaching
    • I work with clients to identify and put in place a plan for making gains in their highest-leverage areas of growth and development. A blend of personal and professional coaching for leaders using my 10x methodology. Each engagement is unique and customized in terms of length, price, goals, and norms.

  • Leadership Team Development
    • For a company to successfully scale, it needs an effective leadership team. The leadership team are the group of people collectively responsible for the success of the company. I’ll help you build a high-performing Leadership Team.

  • Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) Implementation
    • Clear goals, prioritization, and alignment are keys to any organizations success. OKRs are one of the most effective and simple systems that combine strategy, progress monitoring, and continuous improvement. Google uses them, shouldn’t you? OKRs are a powerful system to focus and align your company on what matters most, and I’ll help you implement OKRs at your company.

  • Management Training for New Managers
    • Many managers have not had formal training in management. There are a host of best practices that managers need to be effective and efficient. I will show your team how to implement these proven management practices.

  • Coaching Training for Managers
    • Great managers need to be great coaches. I’ll work with your managers to give them the coaching skills they need to bring the best out of their people and improve results.

  • Negotiation Skills Training
    • Anything that involves someone else to get something done is a negotiation. Based on my training through Harvard University’s Program on Negotiation and work as a certified mediator, I provide training on Interest-Based Negotiation getting you better, more sustainable outcomes.

  • Organizational Development
    • Building a successful organization is a complex and on-going endeavor with new challenges emerging at different phases of company development. I can help you design better processes for developing company culture, recruiting and hiring, performance evaluation, board development and more.

  • 360 Assessments and Growth Plans
    • Feedback is one of the most powerful and effective ways to improve performance. The Leadership Circle 360 is unique in that it measures competencies correlated with effective leadership while providing insights into underlying behavior patterns that impede effectiveness. The 360 Assessment includes a 1:1 debrief session and Growth Plan.

  • Off-Sites and Board Retreats
    • I am happy to work with you to create custom trainings to meet the specific needs of your team or organization-wide off-sites and Board sessions.

  • Mindfulness and Meditation Trainings
    • Cultivating your ability to be more present and less reactive is a key leadership and performance skill. In both 1:1 and group sessions I provide the science and practice involved in gaining awareness of how the mind works and how to gain greater control over it.

  • Culture Creation & Codification
    • I help founders and leadership teams create and codify the cultural markers that will guide employee behavior and company results.

  • Peak Performance Best Practices
    • Drawing from a variety of fields including athletics, psychology, neuroscience, behavioral science and more I share the latest practices being used to optimize performance and work with clients to design their own highly-customized peak performance plans.

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