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Bob showed up at a critical moment in my professional journey. He helped me clarify and re-align my purpose, values, and vision and now I am more grounded, less anxious and more passionate about both my work and life.
— Michael Perez, VP Sales, Salesforce.org
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Bob started working with us when we were only 6 people: He helped me and my co-founders navigate the early challenges of a start-up and coached our leadership team as we grew. Now nearing 60 people, Bob plays a key role in making sure we have the structures in place to scale effectively. Bob’s experience and expertise are key to our success.
— Brad Rothenberg, Founder and CEO, nTopology
Bob helped me reflect and grow as a leader at a critical time: as our team grew past 30 people and my job as CEO started to fundamentally change. Bob helped me figure out how to better use my time, how to build a great company culture, and how to scale myself with the needs of the company.
— Zach Supalla, founder and CEO of Particle
Bob has a unique ability to make people feel comfortable so they can talk about the hard things they need to talk about and ultimately perform better. He’s one of my most trusted coaches for our portfolio companies.
— Avidan Ross, Founding Partner, Root Ventures
Bob has made me believe that all founders need and can benefit from a coach. I recommend that founders talk to Bob.
— Greg Schroy, Angel Investor
Thanks to his experience, Bob helped me successfully navigate many of the avoidable mistakes and pitfalls first time founders and CEOs often make.
— Alex Schwarzkopf, Founder and CEO, Pillar Tech
One of our most critical hires needed help becoming an empathetic and patient manager. Bob started working with him and the changes were remarkable. That whole team is now among our highest performing and best functioning and a lot of that is thanks to Bob.
— Bradley Tusk, Founder and CEO, Tusk Ventures
Bob has helped me become a more effective and aware leader. Our work together has ensured that my intent is aligned with my actions, and values that are most important to me and our company.
— Sahil Gupta, Founder and CEO, Patch Homes
Bob has helped us take the theory of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and effectively implement them to align and focus our rapidly growing company, and not in the 4-5 quarters it typically takes, but in just 2 quarters.
— Jay Gardener, Director of People Operations, Software Motor company

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